Welcome to this webpage. Here, bots for games are discussed. This discussion concerns a larger family of bots and then narrows it down to the bots used in online casinos. This involves discussing the definition, categories, and examples of bots used for various functions in the gaming experience. We also discuss poker bots as they are the most common types of casino bots.

The benefits of using bots in online gaming are discussed here, including the tasks that bots perform in the video game environment. Expanding on the gaming environment, the categorisation bots based on a single or multi-player environment and characteristics embedded therein will be discussed here. Further, various types of bots are discussed, including general purpose, engagement, music, and automatic gaming bots with shared examples.

As it pertains to the bots used in online casinos, the acceptance and rejection of bots in web-based casinos are discussed. This is followed by a discussion of the issues that need to be considered when buying bots for use in web-based casinos as a business. The risks involved and the implications are further shared.

In the last three articles on poker online bots, the first article addresses how the bots actually work in a poker setting while the second details the concept legality and the possible issues surrounding the massive hunt down of bots in web-based poker games. All these articles are written with the reader in mind, whether a gambler or gamer that desires to understand the issue or someone intending to use bots.